Finally, a breakthrough for (wanna-be) web designers/developers

As a freelancing Web developer, you can now make six figures in a less than three of weeks "soft-werk" from home compared to what your average, arrogant bank manager takes home in a month… 

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How to powerfully transcend from being the everyday broke web designer ( & developer) to a happy techie who bags in six figures every damn fuggin month even if you’re a newbie, starting out today.

In this book I have revealed how you can start your journey as a high earning web developer (as someone who stuck with being underpaid, a stressful job or even an NYSC graduate) in a shorter time--even if you don't know jack about web development. I show you exactly what to do and also how to get high paying clients. 

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A spoiler-alert:

I built a reputable Tech brand (during the 2020 pandemic) that generated a revenue of over N1,000,000 in less than six months and have also helped other businesses launch on the web, all from the four walls of my home.

In this report, i have revealed why freelancing Web Designers and Developers float around a very small, tiny income that is barely enough for them to feed comfortably...

...most already made scrambled eggs with their ignorant balls while they starved and waited for the next client (who said they will get back to them) to actually come their way.

Steven wishes you a better life as a future freelancer, he's also going to do you the honours of explaining how to start making atleast six to seven figures monthly being a web developer by just doing something slightly different...

He shared some very deep insights on how to not only learn the skill fast as a newbie but also how to position yourself as an authority figure to attract clients (including international clients) and start making hot profits in less time.

This is not child's play, it is how not to be a broke web developer in a dying economy as Nigeria's.

See you on the inside.


Steven "Steving" Felix


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